About Us

‘Legacy of the Shards’ was born during a weekend game jam in the September of 2015. Andrea Wozniak, the current team lead and president of the UMBC Game Developer’s Club, envisioned a collection-focused platformer. Focusing on technical sophistication, the team made the first foray of the club into the Unreal Game Engine, a daunting task. The demo presented at the end of the jam won the hearts and votes of many club members. Development progressed through the school year, and a demo was presented at UMBC’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD) convention, and again during Baltimore’s 2016 Gamescape expo. Development continues today with the current team of five, dedicated students. Pictured from left to right: Zachary Holtzman, Chris Hamer, Jaqueline Wojcik, Andrea Wozniak

Andrea Wozniak: Team lead, 3D/2D artist, writer.


Christopher Hamer: Programming lead, Unreal Engine expert, level designer, writer.

Jaqueline Wojcik: 3D art lead, animation lead.

Natalia "Tulie" Mitiuriev: 2D art lead, texture artist.

Zachary Holtzman: Level designer, writer.

Additionally, the game includes assets and concept art from Wil Hromek and Savannah May, with sound design from Evan Thweatt.


Last, but not least, feel free to contact us at any time! Be sure to leave your name and interests in your message, as we are currently looking for anyone who would like to recieve updates, be a part of beta testing, and more. Also, if you have questions or comments, please let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you!