Our Universe

Main Island Concept by Tulie Mitiuriev

In a far away, distant world, the crystals scattered across and throughout the land and sea define life.  The advent of technology to harness crystal magic shook the foundations of civilization.  Clean energy, light, flight, and minor teleportation became commonplace.  Life was comfortable, and newfound means of travel opened the doors to exploration and adventure.  However, the dark side of the crystals’ power soon became evident.  Horrific weapons of war and vicious, bizarre monsters became known, driving many from their homelands. The setting of ‘Legacy of the Shards’, a chain of islands distant from the war-ravaged mainland, remains a place of uneasy peace for those displaced from their homes in earlier wars.  Banding together from all corners of the globe, the islanders work together to maintain a sanctuary safe from the threats of the outside world, holding the hope that one day they might grow into a thriving civilization.

Environment art by Tulie Mitiuriev

Aren, the protagonist of ‘Legacy of the Shards’, was born in the archipelago.  As a child, the call of an escalating war on the mainland forced Aren and his friends to bid farewell to their parents.  Left in the care of the islands’ veterans and elders, Aren and his friends kept small mementos from their parents, believing that as long as they kept their mementos safe, their parents would share in such safety.  Aren’s red bandana, a strip of cloth from his parents, remains his most treasured possession.

House concepts by Jaqueline Wojcik.

Aiship concepts by Wil Hromek.

The parents of the islands’ children never returned.  Ten years passed, and Aren now approaches his coming-of-age ceremony.  Discontent stirs in the hearts of the youthful islanders.  The elders bid them to remain safe on the islands, but curiosity about the mainland grows in their minds.

Els Jarak concept art by Tulie Mitiuriev

Driven by their curiosity and the desire to find their parents, Aren and his closest friends plan to build an airship to travel beyond the archipelago.  Playing as Aren, craft and explore your way through various islands to prepare for your departure as the forces of nature seem to act to stop you.


Concept art by Tulie Mitiuriev, Andrea Wozniak, Wil Hromek and Savannah May.

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