Game Mechanics

Why Platforming?

Platforming provides greater non-linearity.  Players can reach objectives through any combination of abilities from any crevice or ledge they can reach, allowing them to develop a unique playstyle that suits their learning curve. Moreover, the player's equipment (wings, teleporter, a dash ability and ground smash) come in differing variants, with an array of upgrades to help the player level-up as they continue their quest and meet ever more powerful foes.


The Telepincer claw lets you jump to certain locations in game.  Activate your claw while aiming at one of the many Teleportal pads to instantly jump to that location.  This ability provides additional depth to platforming and demands greater creativity of players.

Do You Believe You can Fly?

Players have flight mechanics to improve their platforming.  Player can glide, hover, and ‘air-dash’ to travel longer distances without touching the ground.  Players can dive to a target with a powerful ‘ground-pound’ action.  Each of these mechanics has several variants to match the different playstyles of gamers.  The variants have multiple upgrades, such as increased glide time, faster dashing, and more powerful ground smashes.

Non-Player Characters

NPCs are interactive. Many will happily give quests to the player. Some quests will result in monetary rewards, while others reward the player with objects that will help the player advance through the game's non-linear plot....

...while others exist for the sake of world-building. You can learn a lot about any given island's inhabitants and their personalities by simply asking them questions. Most of these characters have rather humorous dialogue.

Last, but not least, feel free to contact us at any time! Be sure to leave your name and interests in your message, as we are currently looking for anyone who would like to recieve updates, be a part of beta testing, and more. Also, if you have questions or comments, please let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you!