Meet the Cast!

Concept by Savannah May

Coming-of-age marks the period in one's life when they transition from childhood to a position in society. It is the first time that true, social responsibility is bestowed upon an island citizen. It is something that they know all too well. After a brief ceremony, the selected few are given jobs and tools. They replace their parents before them, who were sent off to fight on the mainland a decade ago and never returned.

Aren and his friends have waited long enough.  Together, they decided to discover what awaits them in the outside world.  They are not alone as they plot their adventure, but they are not unopposed.  To make their dreams reality, they must stick together, and above all else, survive.

The Characters (from left to right)

Hena: Deuteragonist. Rival. Acts tough to keep up a facade. Terrified of going soft, though she secretly cares deeply about her friends. Quick learner, nimble and agile.

Aren: Protagonist/player-character. A calm soul, strong and quiet. Likes to think outside the box, in order to keep his friends safe.

Kane: Buddy. Pirate-wannabe. Rebel. A practical thinker who likes to improvise. Misses his parents deeply and tries to cover up this fact by acting 'rebellious' and tough.

Aria (not shown): Friend. Calm and introspective. Good at effectively judging social situations and individual emotions. Loyal and caring above all else.


What about the Elders?

Island adults fall into generally two parties.  The original, elderly founders command the population and value survival above all else.  Despite their good intentions, they are characterized as inflexible and restrictive.  Most other adults on the islands are younger veterans from previous wars, sometimes agreeing with the positions of the elders, but often clashing on key issues.  They are the lifeblood of the island’s agricultural, economic, industrial, and artistic production. The player will interact with both in their quest to venture beyond the islands.

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